Monday, August 13, 2012

A change would do you good...

Well it has been almost four months since the last time I have blogged and a lot has changed since then. I have transferred schools. Instead of going back to University of Cincinnati I will be attending Ball State University which is only about 30 minutes north of my hometown. I still love UC. I plan on visiting a lot but even though I talked for months about how much I just wanted to be in a city, I don't belong there. Although sometimes I do wonder if I made the right decision but school starts in a week and we will see how this goes.

Along with the new school comes a new apartment! I am so excited because I thought I was going to be living at home for the next year and was about to off myself but fate intervened and my best friend had something come up and got out of her housing contract. She literally asked me on a Wednesday if I would want to room with her. Thursday we went and looked at apartments. We found one that we liked and by Friday we had signed a lease. Talk about things happening fast! That seems to be how everything in my life happens these days though. 

Along with the new school and apartment comes a new boyfriend. His name is Keith, he's perfect, funny, and wonderful. Oh and he's a thousand miles away in Wyoming. Which sucks but we are making it work. I always said I would never get into a LDR but I had to make an exception this time. I think if you knew him you would understand why. 

Right now I am just waiting for school start, still a PoliSci major...for now. I may or may not change to legal studies to be a paralegal. I just do not want to be in school for nine years and have $200,000+ in debt from law school. I just kept thinking that by the time I got out of school I would be thirty and then I would work probably 24/7 and when am I supposed to enjoy life in between all of that? I want a family. I want to be able to come home and make my husband dinner. That kind of thing which is very un-Shelby like but shit changes. It happens. Most of the time it is for the better. 

Kayla and I are also trying to put together this apartment by September 20th and for me that is daunting. I want everything to perfect and beautiful and organized. Life isn't like that and this apartment probably won't either. I have been getting way too excited about mixing bowls and baking dishes lately and it scares me. Maybe I am more domestic than I thought? I guess we will find out!

I really am going to try and blog more often these days. I foresee a lot of DIY projects in this blogs future..
Stay tuned!