Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A recap in pictures: Part One

Considering I have been MIA since September, I thought it would be nice to show everyone a little bit of what I've been up to with pictures! 

Much to Evan's dismay, I came home one day in September and had chopped off all my hair. I didn't tell anyone I was getting it done!

I did a little bit of decorating for Halloween. I hate those purple walls.

My Mom and youngest sister came to Montana for a week. I would say it was pretty uneventful for them because I worked most of the time. 

I pulled the ultimate surprise off on both of my sisters when I got to come home for a few days in October and somehow they never figured it out!

I was finally reunited with my precious Killian. We did a lot of cuddling over those four days. 

I found the recipe for Texas Sheet Cake that I have been looking for since my Grandma passed away! (I still haven't made it yet.) 

I traded in my job at the nursing home for this view everyday at The Country Daisy where I get to work for great people and a growing business.

Next up is my Thanksgiving and Christmas recap! 


  1. I love the haircut! The shape really flatters your face! That view is pretty amazing too :)

  2. Love the view from your job! Good to hear from you!

  3. Why hello stranger! Glad to see life treating you well!