Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fitness Five

Back in December I started the challenge of eating clean and trying to workout at least five times a week. I decided it would be fun to the Friday Fitness Five. Every Friday I will be posting five things related to working out or eating healthy that I have discovered or used throughout the week. 

1. If you hate physically getting out of your house and going to gym like me, you should definitely check out Daily Burn! They have such a variety of workouts and the trainers are awesome. They keep you motivated and 99% of the time it doesn't even seem like a workout to me. It's only $10 a month and I got all the equipment I might need for around $60 at Walmart. A good option if you also don't want to pay for an expensive gym membership.

2. Eating clean can be really hard. I will do awesome at it and then when it gets to be that time of the month I would gladly skip every meal just to eat endless cupcakes and cookies. I have been trying hard to curb the cravings with fruit and it typically works though. I’m currently searching for a good clean eating plan to follow, so if you have one let me know!

3. Speaking of clean eating, I have a recipe that is just too good not to share! I have started making Shrimp with Zucchini and Tomatoes at least once a week since I found it on the Snackbox. It’s a flavorful and fast meal that is still clean. Talk about a win!

4. I recently started Kettlebell training. I picked on up at Walmart for about $8 and it’s probably the best $8 I ever spent. While it can be tricky to get the hang of how to hold it and safety stuff during exercising, it really is a great full body workout. It makes me sweat and that’s when you know it’s working!

5. Last but not least, I found this awesome ab workout at Bikini Body Mommy and I can’t wait to try it out! I feel like losing that lower belly fat is the hardest thing for me and hopefully adding this to my workout will speed up that process. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A recap in pictures: Part One

Considering I have been MIA since September, I thought it would be nice to show everyone a little bit of what I've been up to with pictures! 

Much to Evan's dismay, I came home one day in September and had chopped off all my hair. I didn't tell anyone I was getting it done!

I did a little bit of decorating for Halloween. I hate those purple walls.

My Mom and youngest sister came to Montana for a week. I would say it was pretty uneventful for them because I worked most of the time. 

I pulled the ultimate surprise off on both of my sisters when I got to come home for a few days in October and somehow they never figured it out!

I was finally reunited with my precious Killian. We did a lot of cuddling over those four days. 

I found the recipe for Texas Sheet Cake that I have been looking for since my Grandma passed away! (I still haven't made it yet.) 

I traded in my job at the nursing home for this view everyday at The Country Daisy where I get to work for great people and a growing business.

Next up is my Thanksgiving and Christmas recap! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let's try this again..

My goal to turn this blog into something special really hit a snag when we moved out to Montana. As with all things, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. Trying to get settled into Miles City, figuring out the job situation, and a new school was a bit overwhelming at first. Oh and also living with a guy besides my Dad for the first time, still trying to figure that out! Now that things have settled down I want to refocus on An American Girl and also work on getting back in shape! I have unfortunately lost my place in the Her Campus Blogger Network which was a big help in getting things going somewhat the last time so now I'm left to do it on my own. I'm still trying to figure out the details but I have tons of post written down that should have been done months ago. My hope is that you all still have faith in me and I can get this thing going again! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

District Magazine Launch!

(I borrowed this picture from Haute Table)

 It's been a while since I've posted but I've got something exciting to share today! Back in July one of my fellow HCBN members said she wanted to launch an online magazine. Here we are in September and it has launched! I am so excited to be a part of this project and I have to say that the final outcome looks awesome. It's a magazine "for women by women". I was lucky enough to get to write a story and feature one of my favorite people, Blaise the Baker. I hope everyone will check it out, you can find District Magazine here:

Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Blog Tour: Who I'm Loving Now

My good friend Blaise featured me in a blog tour yesterday on his blog, Blaise the Baker. I thought this would be a fun way to not only repay the favor to him but to also feature some of the blogs I follow and love also! 

I decided to take a cue from Blaise and give a short bio on myself in case you end up here from another blog. 

My name is Shelby and I'm a 21 year old Hoosier! I just made a big move to Miles City, Montana to be with my boyfriend who took a job out here. I was lucky enough myself to land a great job that I love as an activities assistant at a local nursing home. I blog about fashion and beauty, as well as my new domestic endeavors and getting the most out of your money!

My favorite bloggers:

Blaise at Blaise the Baker

Blaise and I have known each other for almost our whole lives because we grew up in the same tiny town. We have been there for all of each others writing endeavors and he has been such a big supporter to me. Blaise is an awesome baker and chef and is currently in the process of writing a cook book. He features a lot of his delicious recipes as well as his favorite food blogs and cookbooks. He also has an "Ask Blaise the Baker" segment and is a great person to go to if you have any cooking questions!

Ally at Preppy Little Lesbian

I found Ally's blog through the Her Campus Blogger Network and I have loved it since day one. She writes about a variety of topics and personal experiences. Preppy Little Lesbian is a must read for anyone who is in high school or getting ready to go off to college! She makes sure all of the posts are personal as well as informative and has recently started a guest post series every Sunday. There is definitely something for everyone!

Danielle at Goodwillista
Goodwillista is probably one of my top five all time favorite blogs. I have recently gotten into thrifting myself and she is big reason why! Danielle features a lot of awesome tips for getting good deals and also shows that you can have style and dress well and for cheap! I'm so glad I found her blog because it inspired me to take the plunge and go to Goodwill, I will probably thrift there on the regular now. By regular I mean once a month because I live about 150 miles from the closest one! ( More on that later..)

Abbie at The Pink Paperdoll

Abbie is another blogger I found through HCBN. Abbie is a fashion writer and has a very unique vintage style that I love! She also features other fashion bloggers so it's a great place to go for fashion inspiration. She also shares a lot of her personal passions, i.e. Irish dancing, and also causes that she supports. Abbie also offers a lot of insight into decorating and DIY. The Pink Paperdoll is the perfect blog to visit if you are in need of some inspiration!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Montana in pictures.

I plan on writing a separate post about life in Montana but for now I wanted to post some pictures I have taken so far. Hope you enjoy!

Happy to be back with this handsome boy!

Bluest skies you'll ever see. 

Kinsey Bridge. One you definitely have to hold your breath on!

The Yellowstone River

Dad was braver than I am!

A bit of a size different between Dad and Evan. 

Dad before we had to send him back to Indiana. :(

Keep an eye out for more posts about our apartment and my domestic adventures!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Leaving for Montana!

Today my Dad and I are heading west to Montana! He's staying with me until Saturday and then flying home. I know I've been M.I.A lately but I promise there are many more posts to come! So excited to start this new chapter of my life and share it with all of you!