Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love in a Box Swap

This month I decided to participate in the Love in a Box swap that is hosted by Kimberly at Kimberly's Chronicle and Megan from Lush to Blush. I really don't remember how I found it, sometimes I just go look at blogs and end up clicking away and don't know where I'm going. Unfortunately this was the last month for it but I still had a great time! 

I was paired with Kristen at Simply Strive and I'm so happy I was. We happened to have similar likes so I think we were able to give each other some great things. In my emails I mentioned my upcoming move to Montana and how I was trying to expand my cooking since Evan will probably want to eat and also that I was getting more and more into beauty lately. That's a story for another time but she sent me some awesome stuff.

First off, sorry for the bad pictures. My iPhone hasn't had a back on it for over a year now and was also dropped in a porta-potty so it's not the best. Anyways, she included two cooking magazines, one her favorite face masks, and also a package of the cutest chocolates ever.

The magazines, EveryDay with Rachel Ray and allrecipes, have already come in handy. There are so many things I will be trying when I get out to Montana! There was also an article in EveryDay about traveling to Alaska, and that might have to happen soon too. 

The chocolates were called Sweet Little Things by Lindt and were so good! They were all eaten very quickly, I even shared but the bag was thrown away before I could get a picture.

The face mask was probably my favorite thing I received though. It's Alba Botanical even advanced deep sea facial mask. I almost always have red cheeks for some reason, which no one ever sees because I always have foundation on. Thank goodness for that! But as soon as I used this I noticed even after being completely make-up free the redness was gone and my skin really did look more even. I would say that it lasted almost three days after I used it also. Just for fun I'm going to put up a picture of me with the mask on so now no one can use it for blackmail. Haha.

I really enjoyed doing this and I hope I can find another swap to do or maybe this one will come back! Do y'all know of any good swaps to participate in? If so, what are your favorites?

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