Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Wellness

Running quotes

This post is going to be part of a new series I decided to write. I want to feature one wellness post a week because I am trying to not just lose weight but get healthier overall. 

Redbook is just about the only magazine I read these days. I feel like it may be a little mature for me but I like things that I realistic and helpful for real life. In the June issue there was a workout plan that talked about alternating walking and jogging in the beginning to work your way up to running the full time, here is the link to that:

I thought this sounded easy enough, you know I've lost twenty pounds, my job requires me to basically be running 24/7. WRONG. The 30 second intervals I spent running were terrible and I mainly remembered why I hate it so much. It also doesn't help that my road is more of just a giant pothole. I do plan on sticking to this though because I know it will make some improvements in the long run. 

(Also, that picture isn't mine.)

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